Girl Scouts & Pinwheels for Prevention Troop Package

During the month of April, communities across the country come together to promote the safe, stable, & nurturing childhoods all kids deserve.

The Shining Bright Troop Package offers a way for Girl Scouts to engage in the Pinwheels campaign and promote building brighter childhoods and strong families in Colorado. The package is available year-round, and includes pinwheels, pinwheel patch stickers, a yard sign, and more!

Shining Bright Troop Package Overview 

The Shining Bright Troop Package is available by request for Girl Scouts troops to hold their own Pinwheels for Prevention events and/or gardens. 

The package includes: 

  • 150 Pinwheels

  • 1 Yard Sign + Metal Stake

  • 15 Pinwheel Flyers

  • 15 Embroidered Pinwheel Patch Stickers

  • 15 large pinwheel stickers

  • 1 Troop Leader Pinwheels for Prevention T-shirt