Prenatal exposure to substances can have long lasting effects on a developing baby. 

Substance use during pregnancy is a complex issue. Confidential treatment and support are available for women and their families.  State and federal Law both address prenatal substance exposure as a key issue for giving babies the healthiest start possible.  We prioritize prevention, identification, and treatment - for women and their babies. 

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Colorado Substance Exposed Newborns Steering Committee

The Colorado SEN Steering Committee was established in 2008, as a subcommittee of the Colorado Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force. The steering committee's mission is to identify and implement strategies for reducing the number of families impacted by substance use during pregnancy in Colorado and for improving outcomes for impacted women, children, and families across the lifespan.

Current Priorities of the SEN Steering Committee include:

  • Promoting community-based strategies to meeting the CAPTA/CARA requirement regarding plans of safe care for infants and caregivers

  • Increasing consistency in implementation of best practice approaches in the identification of and response to newborns prenatally exposed to substances and their caregivers at the time of birth across Colorado

  • Expanding provider education on related issues such as screening every pregnant woman with a validated screening tool in prenatal, hospital and postpartum settings

  • Developing and pursuing a state policy agenda including access to treatment, barriers to engagement, SBIRT promotion, and other issues

  • Assessing need for increased FASD identification/clinical diagnostic capacity in the state and develop an expansion plan

  • Increasing statewide data, research, and quality improvement capacity in order to inform our work and to share successes and challenges.



Jordan Smith Strategic Initiatives Associate