The Pinwheels Campaign

Illuminate Colorado, the Colorado Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America leads the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign for Colorado. The campaign began in Colorado in 2009 and has progressively expanded across the state.

Learn more about Child Abuse Prevention Month Events and ways to get involved.


Why the Pinwheel?

Take a few minutes to learn more about the development and implementation of the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign will be explored. Find out how you can support Child Abuse Prevention Month by using the nationally recognized pinwheel to promote great childhoods for all children.


Community, Business, & Individual Gardens

Community gardens are planted in towns and cities across the state to as a sign of our collective commitment to prioritizing children and families. Ideas for community gardens include:

  • Plant pinwheel gardens at courthouses, city halls, libraries, airports, malls, fairs, stadiums, schools, community centers, parks, along major throughways, and in planter boxes.

  • Display a pinwheel garden in your front yard to show your commitment to the collective well-being of our children and our state's future prosperity.

  • Integrate pinwheels into community events at start/finish lines for runs/walks, board meetings, orientations, sporting events, conferences, and Easter egg hunts. 

  • Businesses can show their dedication to children and families by displaying pinwheels at cash registers or check in desks, as table decorations, in open houses, as well as by planting gardens on their lawns or in planter boxes.


Virtual Pinwheel Garden

JOIN THE MOVEMENT - Plant a pinwheel on the map and show the world how much Colorado cares about our children.

Donate $10 to dedicate a pinwheel to a child that is precious to you or honor someone that helped make your childhood great. We'll add a pinwheel to our Great Childhoods Garden in honor of the bright childhood that every child deserves.

Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign

Requirements of the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign include:

  • Use the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign Name

  • Use the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign logo on all materials - signs, flyers, ads

  • Order and use the official pinwheels provided through PCA Colorado

  • Promote the pinwheels in a positive manner and with positive messages and slogans

  • Communicate event dates and details with PCA Colorado

  • Complete Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign follow-up survey and share pictures

  • Ensure proceeds from Pinwheels fundraising efforts benefit organizations that either directly or indirectly support children and families

Resources for the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign:


Katie Coulter, Office Coordinator