Child Abuse & Neglect Expert Staffing (CANES)Facilitate and provide expert case consultation for child welfare and law enforcement agencies on complex child abuse and neglect cases across Colorado.

Child Sexual Abuse PreventionDevelop research-based recommendations, coordinate the Colorado Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Coalition, and increase access to evidence-informed curricula for preventing child sexual abuse including courses on Nurturing Health Sexual Development, Overcoming Barriers to Protecting Children from Child Sexual Abuse, Understanding & Responding to the Sexual Behaviors of Children, and Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children

Circle of ParentsCoordinate and oversee specialized parent support groups to build protective factors in families, current focus areas include: Parents in Recovery and Parents Raising a Child with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Legislative Advocacy & State Level Leadership Provide expertise and education on children’s issues and participate in state level coalitions, steering committees, networks, and task forces representing child abuse prevention.

Pinwheels for Prevention – Increase understanding that prevention is possible and promote community commitment to child abuse prevention including organizing Child Abuse Prevention Month Activities.

Smart Choices Safe Kids Educate communities and families on keeping kids safe from hazardous substances.

Substance Exposed Newborns Lead collaborative approaches to decreasing substance use during pregnancy and increasing identification of infants and children affected by prenatal substance exposure, including coordination of a Hospital Learning Collaborative and FASD Awareness Month Activities.

Training & Technical Assistance - Offer professional education and support through conferences, trainings, seminars, presentations, publications, community outreach, social media, including course offerings through the Colorado Child Welfare Training System and coordination of the biennial Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities Conference.