In the fall of 2017, the ZOMA Foundation provided funding to Illuminate Colorado to lead the development of statewide recommendations and strategies to prevent child maltreatment and improve outcomes for children affected by caregiver substance use. The recommendations are intended to serve as a research-based framework for substantial, actionable change to better meet the needs of children impacted by caregiver substance use. They provide a starting point for multi-sector partners as they develop goals, objectives, and activities to prevent harm and improve outcomes for children.


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Four work groups have been formed to explore next steps with the recommendations:

  • Law Enforcement Co-Responders Work Group (Practice Rec #1)

  • Child Care and Treatment Work Group (Practice Rec #2)

  • ICCSU Education Review Work Group (Practice Rec #7)

  • Family Recovery Supports Work Group (Practice Rec #13)

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Jade Woodard, Executive Director

This project was generously supported by the Early Childhood Development Program of Zoma Foundation.