Bloom Yoga

Bloom Yoga

Bloom Yoga offers mindfulness practices, promoting self-awareness and self-management skills for adults, families and children alike.

Children’s Yoga

An increasing number of professionals, parents, and caregivers are recognizing that children’s yoga, breath awareness, and mindfulness activities are beneficial for well-being and mental health. Research suggests that children who practice elements of yoga are better able to regulate emotions, manage stress, and calm themselves.  Studies have also shown that centered, calm, and focused children learn more easily, have better social skills, and, in general, are happier kids!

Family Yoga

Family yoga focuses on positively impacting family functioning and resilience, nurturing and attachment, social and emotional development, self-regulation, coping skills, and awareness. Yoga is a natural environment to promote and teach caregivers and children ways to interact in a positive healthy way, as well as how to respond and interact during times of stress.

Bloom Yoga incorporates 5 main elements for family and children’s classes to promote an all-inclusive environment:  connect, move, breath, focus, rest and reflect. With these 5 elements of a yoga class we are able to teach skills for prevention of stress, as well as skills for response to stress.

Adult Yoga

A well-regulated adult will help to create a well-regulated child.  By giving parents tools to manage feelings and stress through adult yoga and mindfulness, Bloom Yoga seeks to build parental resilience and strengthen families. These practices are beneficial for all parents and caregivers – including foster and adoptive parents. In addition, Bloom Yoga can benefit professionals working to strengthen families, like to manage their own stress relief and regulation, as well as learn a skill or tool to teach families they serve to ultimately prevent occurrence or recurrence of child maltreatment.

Bloom Yoga practices impact across the prevention continuum, working to strengthen all families by building parental resilience, increasing awareness of child development, and supporting social emotional competence in children.

Anyone Can Join Bloom Yoga

Bloom Yoga as a Prevention Strategy for Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

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